A man is cleaning a wheelchair in a room.

Mobility devices get dirty!

These devices are a part of our daily living. Oftentimes they are used 8 - 10 -16 hours a day or more. We transfer to and from them, we use the restroom with them nearby, we eat in them. We rely on our devices to help us with everyday living needs. With this much use, both indoors and out… they get dirty. Dirty in places that are hard to clean without the proper tools. New Tech Mobility cleans, sanitizes and disinfects all the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, the touchpoints and the accessories.

We use a high temp “dry” steam, brushes, cloths and special tools to kill over 97% of viruses and bacteria. Helping to prevent transmission of colds, influenza, COVID-19 and most transmissible diseases.

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Your Mobility Device:

  • Inspected

  • Cleaned & Sanitized

  • Safety Checked

  • Minor Repairs Done at NO COST!