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Who says getting older can't be better?

Dorene Mykol

"Needing personal mobility assistance does not mean it can't be done with ease and style. Since 2006, I have watched my husband, Doug, stay positive and pursue finding a "cool" mobility chair for his long distance needs. He found the WHILL and now has a chair that is simple, unique and classy. Who says getting older can't be better?"

New Tech Mobility

I have my freedom back.

Suzi R., Phoenix, AZ

"I live in Arizona and my friend lives in Colorado. Thanks to the WHILL I can visit her. I haven't gotten on an airplane to travel anywhere for over eleven years. I could take my old wheelchair on an airplane, but once I got to Colorado I would be stuck. Now she can pick me up at the airport and we can go wherever we want. Also I can stay at her house instead of a 'accessible' motel room because the WHILL can navigate much smaller spaces. With my old wheelchair I wouldn't be able to use her bathroom.

In day to day life the WHILL gives me a lot more self-confidence. It doesn't look like a piece of medical equipment. This is the first time I enjoy people asking me about my wheelchair. When I go out to eat I can pull right up to the table, this way I don't get food all over myself.

They are re-paving the parking lot in my apartment complex, with my old wheelchair wouldn't have made it over the bumps. Thanks to the WHILL I have my freedom back. "

unique design, futuristic style

Doug Mykol

"Maybe it was ego or self-consciousness... I always felt uncomfortable in a standard, medical looking power chair. Always on the hunt for something new and high-tech, I discovered the WHILL. With its unique design, futuristic style, intuitive function and unbelievable capabilities, I immediately felt better about being in a chair. "

She was in control the whole time

Amanda H., Montrose, CO

"We took the WHILL out for a spin last night around the neighborhood and it was fantastic! It was so much smoother than Char's manual chair and she was in control the whole time. Thank you for the information about the referrals. I will be sure to remember that when anyone asks us about the chair. Thanks for all of your and Julie's help and we will let you know if we have any further questions."

New Tech Mobility

personally made a difference in my journey

Vincent R., Chandler, AZ

"Living life as a quadriplegic comes with many challenges. But I'm blessed to have those who make life so much easier. My good friend Doug Mykol is definitely one of those people. Along side his lovely wife, Doug has personally made a difference in my journey. Their business, "New Tech Mobility", is the best mobil power wheelchair provider company I've ever witnessed and I can't imagine working with anyone else. From repairing new parts to keeping me updated on the newest models, Doug always delivers in excellence. Thank you so much my friend for your amazing service! "

Outstanding buying experience...

Jeff B. –Tucson, AZ

The company brings outstanding service to the buying experience. Their choice to represent WHILL gives them state of the art hardware. The Ci2 is an incredible wheelchair. Comfortable, quiet, responsive and good value.

What do I like about the Model Ci? EVERYTHING!...

Monica L. –Apache Junction, AZ

Amazing service, friendly and Doug really takes the time to give you exactly what you need, not what he can sell. 10+++You and Doug have made my life so much more! I can go places without worrying about the battery drain or not being able to fit through doors. I am going places and doing things I have not been able to do before. Airline travel was always a nightmare. Now it is so easy, airlines love the chair, and it makes their job easier too. My Ci is much lighter and more maneuverable! Believe it or not, my Model Ci has even been on hard packed sand at the beach! I can keep up with family and they do not need to worry that my chair won’t fit places. It even makes my at home life easier as it fits down narrow halls and smaller rooms. What do I like about the Model Ci? EVERYTHING! The small mouse like controller fits my hand which is so much easier when you have grip issues. The battery lasts for days! I have put on 457.3 miles since purchased. It’s very easy to keep clean and the seat is remarkably comfortable. I can remotely park it at night and call it back to me as needed, which I will say is a show stopper when people see me use the remote at a restaurant! We take it with us in our RV and I will tell you some of those campsites are deep gravel and this little Ci goes anywhere! I’ve taken it up and down some hiking trails without any issues, also!

New Tech Mobility

I love my Whill.

—Christina V., Phoenix, AZ

"I love my Whill. It has a tiny footprint and a very small turning radius, which allows me to get into many spaces I was not able to in my previous larger power chair. It’s nimble and light weight, yet it still feels very secure and stable. I can race across the lawn with the kids and not worry about divets and slopes. I have also used a 3-wheeled scooter in the past because it allowed me into smaller places than my large power chair but I tipped over fairly frequently and it had become too dangerous to use. This is the perfect combination of small and nimble but steady and powerful. I’ve also had numerous people stop me to check out my chair with awe; wanting to know how I appear to float sideways when I turn, or about the unusual design of the wheels, or sleek styling. I’ve used chairs for almost 10 years and this is by far the best!"

Thank you...Great customer service

Stephen O –Goodyear, AZ

Thank you for your help.

My WHILL Ci has changed my life in so many ways and I have many stories!

Brent R. –Tucson, AZ

I think the best way to put it is my life now has stories of all the things I CAN do instead of the “can’ts!” The top four things I appreciate about my life with WHILL are:

1) Scooters with handlebars (tillers) feel like I’m riding a bike indoors! The WHILL feels like an extension of ME so I feel less conspicuous, less “crippled” and less old!

2) The 4-wheel stability while still have a tight turn radius is amazing!

3) The portability is great! If friends ask me to go with them, in their mini-Cooper, we could all fit.... including my WHILL!

4) The thought of “do I have the energy towalk” never plays a role in spending time with friends. Now it’s just do I want to go?!?


Twilla S. - Scottsdale, AZ

Doug and Dorene made our WHILL buying experience gratifying. So kind and knowledgeable. They accommodated our needs by doing a demo at our home! Shared great info and delivered an outstanding product. Could not have been better!