New Cost:  $9,999

Closeout Sale: $3,999

A group of people sitting in a wheelchair in front of a whiteboard.

Model A Is More Than Just Personal Mobility - It’s Freedom

Its versatility gives you the independence to go wherever life takes you.

Through ingenuity and intelligent design, WHILL has created a functionally balanced personal mobility device that thrills drivers. Its beautiful design and unmatched function makes you feel empowered, and eager to take on every opportunity life offers.

The WHILL Model A is designed for both those that could just use a little extra help with their activities of daily living AND those with higher level needs, including those living with knee/hip problems, stroke, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, ALS, Parkinson’s, amputees, and a host of other dis-ABILITIES!

The WHILL’s compact size and tight turning radius provides a new ease of getting around with family and friends — both inside and outside the home. With its full-time four-wheel drive, work, play, socializing, and recreating can now again be a part of your active lifestyle.
It’s NOT giving up… It’s getting OUT!!

New Tech Mobility

Where WHILL You Go?

New Tech Mobility
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New Tech Mobility
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Compact Footprint

Intuitive Controls

Patented Omni Wheels for Tight Turns


Up to 5.5 MPH & 12 mile range

All-Wheel Drive for Super Traction

3” Obstruction Clearance

Safe and Secure

Whether traveling across uneven surfaces or navigating down steep terrain, the Model A electric mobility chair always keeps you in control. Our powerful electromagnetic brakes allow you to stop safely, even on an incline.

Uniquely Comfortable at Tables

Our unique power sliding seat allows you to pull right up to tables and desks and slide forward to the perfect, comfortable position. Swing away arms and a folding footrest make it easy to step in and out of the Model A personal mobility device.

New Tech Mobility
New Tech Mobility
New Tech Mobility
New Tech Mobility

Our patented Omni-wheel technology is an innovation in both maneuverability and terrain coverage.

24 independent rollers allow Model A to move seamlessly in any direction, making unwieldy swiveling casters a thing of the past.

Extremely responsive mouse controller allows you to accelerate smoothly and turn on a dime.

Two controller types that can also be configured for right or left-handed use.

New Tech Mobility
New Tech Mobility

Can Be Driven By Remote APP or By a Friend or Family Member

Using the iPhone APP, you can control your WHILL remotely and enjoy a new level of independence. Transfer to a couch to watch TV or transfer to a restaurant booth; then, use the APP to remotely drive the Model A to an out-of-the-way corner. When ready, call it back when you’re ready to go!

Another option is with using the remote APP, a family member, caregiver or companion can drive for you while you just enjoy the ride! So easy AND lots of fun, too!

An iphone displaying the emergency stop button.

Custom Fitting To Fit You!

Your comfort is an important WHILL feature. We custom fit the WHILL to you, including: seat length/leg support, seat & back support height, foot rest support, arm angles & lengths AND we customize the speed settings, responsiveness and set up the iPhone remote APP.

We also install and configure the available accessories to enhance your comfort and safety.

Available accessories to enhance your comfort and safety

New Tech Mobility
New Tech Mobility
New Tech Mobility
New Tech Mobility