Yellow and black foldable electric scooter.


Experience More… More Style, More Fun and More of Life!

A feature loaded scooter to provide safer mobility, both in the house and when you’re out and about. Mobility you can be proud of.


Compact for navigating your home

Comfortable controls & LED displays

Low center of gravity for stability


Up to 5 MPH & 15 Miles Range

Smooth 4-wheel suspension

Powerful for slopes and complex terrains

The lightweight, carbon fiber, JBH scooter keeps you safely moving around the house and gets you out and about. Be comfortable shopping, out with friends or family and experiencing more of what life has to offer.  Get out and enjoy…  more family, more friends and more fun!

The JBH Intelligent Mobility Scooter doesn’t look like other scooters… because it’s not! This smart, full-featured scooter includes some of the latest technology, i.e.- Digital LED information display; One-button automatic folding / unfolding; Easy, suitcase-like manual transport; USB Port and more.

Why Be Limited?

Go where life leads you. With its versatility, power, speed and long-range capabilities, you can be confident the JBH Smart Scooter takes you there.

Safe & Stable Mobility for Staying Active

Color choices to match your personal style…

A lineup of colorful, foldable mobility scooters.


Size (Unfolded)                             38” x 19.5” x 37”

Size (Folded)                                   17” x 19.5” x 28”

Capacity                                           265#

Motor                                                  180w

Batteries                                            24v - 6AH  Lithium (2)

Max Speed                                       5 MPH

Range                                                 15 Miles

Tires                                                     Solid

Slope                                                   ≤ 8º
Armrest Spacing                          18.7”

Seat                                                      16” x 16”

Seat Height                                      22”

Turning Radius                              47”

Braking                                              Electromagnetic

Yellow and black foldable electric scooter.
Yellow and black foldable electric scooter.
Yellow and black foldable electric scooter.