• Intelligent Mobility
    • Remote APP Customization & Control
    • Cruise Control
  • Sleek Design
    • Beautiful and Stylish
    • NON-medical looking
  • Stability Redefined
    • Low center of gravity for increases stability on uneven terrain
    • Independent suspension for a smooth ride
  • Effortless Mobility
    • Intuitive Controls
    • Automatic folding for storage and transport
  • Multi-Terrain Capable
    • Omni-directional Wheels
    • Sidewalks, paths, grass, dirt and thresholds
Black and white robotic lawnmower on green background.
Compact and lightweight electric wheelchair.

Robooter X40
New Folding Power Wheelchair
The Stylish Ride For Every Journey

Seamless Mobility - Anytime, Anywhere

Experience freedom with the Robooter X40, the stylish folding power wheelchair designed for seamless transitions between outdoor adventures and indoor comfort. Enjoy comfortable leg space without a 0º turning radius, a durable, long-lasting battery and a user-friendly interface, navigate any environment with ease and confidence. Move effortlessly with the Robooter X40 — your perfect mobility companion.

• One-touch folding mechanism
• Smooth navigation
• Lithium battery: 20Ah / 10Ah
• Zero turning radius

Key Features

  • Omni-directional wheel for seamless navigation on diverse surfaces
  • Hands-free, automatic, 1-button folding and unfolding
  • Advanced suspension system for a smoother ride
  • Remote control via a user-friendly mobile app
  • Ergonomically designed backrest for maximum comfort
  • Charging made easy with our easy access charging port or direct connection on the removable battery.

Product video and Highlight

A smartphone controls a motorized wheelchair.

1. Automatic Folding

An integrated welding structure that allows for one click folding without the need for segmentation. Auto-folds to fit in small places.

2. Remote Control via a User-friendly Mobile App

Intelligent app remote control, the app can operate the speed of the electric wheelchair, fold and unfold, and can also rotate 360 ° in place.

A smartphone controls a motorized wheelchair.

My X40 Stories

A man in a black jacket is sitting on a chair.

"I upgraded to an incredibly stylish powerchair, showcasing it at our neighborhood crimewatch meeting. Seamlessly controlled with my Galaxy Z-Fold 5 phone, it stole the spotlight, drawing compliments. The chair's impressive performance and sleek design left everyone wowed. Fantastic job!"

A woman in a blue dress receiving an award on stage.

"Never thought I'd need a wheelchair, but the Robooter powerchair exceeded my expectations. Its ease of use, lightweight design, and impressive 20-amp battery life make it a perfect fit. Easy to fold and charge, also the phone app is a game-changer."

Woman in a white dress and fur stole in a motorized wheelchair on a runway.

"Love this chair! The turning radius is phenomenal, and the phone feature is awesome. Initially, a minor glitch worried me, but a quick call to customer service resolved everything. The customer service team is knowledgeable and accommodating, making a small adjustment to ensure everything is smooth. Highly satisfied!"


Black and white image of a white motorized wheelchair.
Black and white image of a motorized wheelchair.
Endurance Mileage ABOUT 25KM
Max Speed 6KM/h
Max Obstacle Height 6CM
Ditch Width 10CM
Climbing Angle 10°
Chassis Net Height 7CM
Minimum Rotation Radius 76CM
Seat Height 57.5CM
Seat Width 42CM
Seat Depth 42CM
Cushion 42 X 42CM
Body Size 100.5 X 59 X93 CM
Fold Body Size 82X 59 X37 CM
Body Net Weight ABOUT 41.8KG
Charging Time 4-6H
Maximum Load 120KG
Waterproof Grade IPX4
New Tech Mobility

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