A woman pushing a baby stroller in a living room.

WHILL Model F Is More Than
Just Personal Mobility
It’s The Perfect Travel Power Chair!

Its quick-fold portability gives you the independence to take it wherever life takes you.

The Model F provides you a well-designed and well-made personal mobility device that thrills users. Its’ quick-folding and lightweight design lets you take on every opportunity life offers.

Lightweight, foldable and agile, The Model F lets you explore your world with greater mobility, independence and freedom! Go where you want to go, with whomever you want to go with! … Just GO!

The WHILL Model F is specifically designed as a “to-Go” device. Take it with you, in your trunk, a taxi, a train, a bus, on an airplane or on your cruise. The Model F fits!

Four pictures of a woman using a baby stroller.
The trunk of a car with a wheelchair in it.

When not in use, the Model F can be conveniently stored in a closet or an out-of-the-way corner of a room. Always ready to unfold and go in less than 3 seconds!

An electric scooter is sitting on the floor in front of a door.
A Lady Sat In New Tech Mobility Model Fi
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Weighing only 52.9 pounds, the WHILL Model F is one of the lightest power chairs on the market today. It really is the perfect travel chair!

Just Go!

Go with friends at up to a fast walking pace - 3.7 MPH

A black and white electric scooter on a white background.

No range-anxiety with a 12.4 mile range AND monitor your battery all along the way!

Clear obstacles, bumps and curbs up to 1.4”.

A wheelchair with bluetooth connected to a smart phone.

Connect Intelligently

Using the WHILL APP, you can check key device information, e.g.- Miles remaining, Battery levels, Battery health, Select speed levels and watch helpful How To videos, right from your phone.

You can also drive it, remotely, from your phone. Great for sending it out of the way; then, calling it back to you when you’re ready to roll.

Drive with Peace of Mind

Stay engaged with family & friends; get out and go, embrace your surroundings and experience more knowing your Model F will take you there… safely!

Custom fit to you

The Model F is available in both 16” and 18” widths; either Right or Left hand controller and adjustable armrest to fit.

Customize your ride

Arm colors to fit your style, lap belt, joystick controller, cane holder, dust cover or a handy side bag for your keys, wallet and phone.

A list of different types of wireless chargers.